CMVF/CMV is a type of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, driven by standard vertical motor and fitted with incorporated mechanical seal. It is characterized by small volume, low weight and noise, easy-maintenance, user-friendly design, and widely suitable for domestic, industrial, agricultural and water treatment applications. 


Water supply: water distribution in water works, pressure boosting for high building.
Industrial liquid delivery: air conditioning, water-feeding for boiler, associate purpose, etc.
Water treatment: reverse osmosis system, water treatment for swimming pool.
Irrigation: farmland, sprinkler and drip irrigation.


Protection grade: IP55.
Insulation class: F.
Duty mode:S1.
Single-phase version:
       from 0,37 to 3,0 kW,220V,50Hz.
Three-phase version:     
       from 0,37 to 110 kW,380V,50Hz.
Conveyed medium temperature:
      Normal type: from-15°C to+70°C  
      Hot water type: from+70°C to +105°C 
Conveyed medium: thin, clean and non-explosive liquid, not containing solid particles and fibres.
CMVF is suitable for conveying slight-corrosive liquid.
CMV is suitable for conveying non-corrosive liquid.


Vertical construction, inlet and outlet flange share the same axis line, compact and less area occupied.
Integrated mechanical seal makes installation safe and easy, ensuring reliability of perfect seal.
Stainless steel CMVF flow-by parts (while main flow-by parts of CMV are stainless steel) provide no pollution to pumped liquid, long operating life, as well as attractive appearance. 
Motor and pump shaft are connected in high precision through a coupling.
Low noise and vibration.


The eta curve indicates average curve for all pumps (At 50Hz,2900r/min).
For pumps fitted with small impeller, its efficiency will be 2% lower than that shown in the curve.
The NPSH curve is an average curve for all pumps of this series. When making selection of pump, add a safety margin of at least 0,5m.

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