·Super Quiet Submersible Pump Built-in Pressure System

◆ Flow Q: 3-80m³/h
◆ Head H: 210-60m
◆ Power P: 3.7-22kW
◆ Medium Temperature: 0℃-90℃


◆Cost saving: As a part of pipeline, it can be connected into pipe network, saving
additional cost on pump house and control room

◆Ultra quiet: less than 40db, anti-vibration and noise absorption, super silent
running, no water hammer and motor noise

◆Energy saving: Due to series connection into pipeline network, it will compensate
difference between inlet pressure and work pressure. In case of enough pressure,
it will stop running, replaced by municipal supply. It will save energy 30-90%
compared with municipal supply

◆Continued water supply without electricity; In case of no electricity, it shifts tomunicipal supply 

to maintain pipeline pressure

◆Environment friendly: All flow-by parts made of food grade stainless steel;
stainless steel canned motor adopts water lubricated bearing, no need for
grease; water lubrication, water circulation, water cooling and no leakage
lead to no pollution to environment

◆Water immersion: protection grade IP68, pump set can be submersed
in water
◆Installation mode: Vertical and horizontal installation
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