·AMOE Self-priming Peripheral Inverter Pump
Under the philosophy of innovation and people orientation, IRCEM provides 
AMOE series self-priming peripheral inverter pump, characterized by energy 
saving, constant pressure, intelligent, low noise, short suction time, and higher
Consistent with international standards and market requirements, 
All IRCEM self-priming pumps are produced by automatic assembly 
line. Severe online testing equipments ensure quality, high efficiency 
performance and durability.


◆ Garden irrigation
◆ Domestic household
◆ Animal feeding


◆ Single-phase: 0,75kW, 220V 50Hz
◆ Solid content of pumped liquid on volume: 0 1%
◆ Pumped liquid PH: 6,5~8,5
◆ Pumped liquid temperature: ≤40℃


◆ Non-magnetic electronic pressure sensor ensures rapid reaction 

◆ and long service life
◆ Specified inverter for pump, touch control, guarantees full protection
◆ Durable brass impeller and stainless steel rotor
◆ Fixed impeller
◆ Direct connection between pump and motor
◆ Aluminum alloy motor casing
◆ Anti-rust electrophoresis processed pump body

◆ Water lack protection: In case of no water, pump is designed to 
 run for 3 minutes, then stop for protection
◆ Leakage protection: Pump is designed to still run in the event of 
 leakage, with status LED on
◆ Stuck protection: Pump is designed for timing start in case of
 long period stopping to prevent impeller from getting stuck
◆ Over voltage protection: Pump is designed to stop under voltage
 higher than 280V, auto restart till voltage back to 260V
◆ Under voltage protection: Pump is designed to stop under voltage 
 lower than130V, auto restart till voltage back to 180V
◆ Over load protection: Pump is designed to stop against over 
 load(temperature higher than 125℃)
◆ Rotor locked protection: Pump is designed to stop against failure 
 such as impeller stuck
◆ Phase loss protection: Pump is designed to stop in case of 
 phase loss
◆ Lightning protection: Pump can be protected against lightning 
 due to anti-lighting voltage dependent resistor

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