· Sewage Lifting Station
The technical commitment to the product comes from the firm assurance of
the quality of the product and the strict control of the production process


IRCEM sewage lifting stations are specially used for collecting and lifting
sewage water in civil, industry, construction, municipal engineering and
other places that cannot rely on gravity self-flow to municipal sewer
system. According to different applications, the station can be adapted to
non-blocking vortex sewage pump or cutting sewage pump.
There are three volumetric specifications available for the sewage lifting
station, including 100L, 200L and 500L, among them 100L and 200L can
be matched with one sewage pump, 500L can be matched with two
sewage pumps.


can be matched with DN50, DN75, DN110 pipeline, can be used for
inflow, outflow, exhausting.
The inlet and outlet pipes of water collecting tanks are all sealed with
rubber parts, effective anti-odour.
High strength and bearing pressure water collecting tank, excellent
corrosion resistance and long service life, as well as integral lifting
100L and 200L are equipped with one non-blocking vortex sewage
pump or grinder sewage pump.
500L is equipped with two non-blocking vortex sewage pumps or
grinder sewage pumps.
Coupled connection for easy installation and maintenance.
All pumps equipped with level switch and intelligent control panel, can
be remote controlled, intelligent control panel can be controlled via
mobile phone to make the pump on and off, and check soution for
Water collecting tanks are reserved for multiple opening positions,


Space occupied saving
No need for frequent cleaning
Stable operation
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